Zimbabwe: another political party is launched


As the 2023 elections approach, new political parties continue to pour in.

On Tuesday, another political party was launched in Harare and immediately pledged to repair the battered economy and bring Zimbabwe to economic glory.

The party, succinctly named Divine Alliance for the Vitalization of Inspired Development (DAVID), led by 44-year-old fashion designer and entrepreneur Melbah Dzapasi.

The launch comes just two weeks after the formation of another opposition political party, Freedom of Rights Under Sovereign (FORUS.

Speaking to the media after the launch, Dzapasi vowed to revive the struggling economy if he had the chance to rule.

“If we are given the opportunity to govern, we will certainly address the macro and microeconomic challenges affecting Zimbabwe. Our aim is to raise the social standards of the citizens of Zimbabwe through productive and employment opportunities,” said Dzapasi.

“We provide leadership that ensures transparency and respects good governance and the rule of law, remaining united in our common quest for happiness,” she said.

Dzapasi added, “The DAVID party bases its existence on the unchanging nature of God, which is resilient, transparent, accountable and free from corruption.

“It is very important to build a nation on divine principles and we will base everything on prayer,” she said.

“Zeal for freedom will propel Zimbabwe to freedom and has indicated that the best transformation emerges from the most difficult situations.”

Dzapasi also lamented male domination in political spaces as one of the biggest challenges women face.

“Male domination in positions of power and influence has created a social theory compromised by self-interest rather than the politics of issues.

“Traditional stereotypes and patriarchal tendencies have deprived women, youth and people with limited abilities and opportunities to show their potential. At the same time, intimidation through brutality, torture and violence has frightened women politics, ”she said.

Dzapasi is a member of the Dialogue of Political Actors (POLAD) which participated in the 2018 elections under the 1980 Freedom Movement Zimbabwe (FMZ).

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