What is the political position of the Youtuber?


Logan Paul, being the famous YouTuber that he is, has a pedestal from which it is extremely easy for him to immerse himself in political drama. However, the 25-year-old has largely managed to avoid the political chasm.

Naturally, being the sensation among the young that he is, many people are wondering what his preferred model of governance is. As a result, he also faces questions about his candidate-specific tendencies, particularly in the recent elections which saw Joe Biden elected to his first term as POTUS.

On his podcast – Impaulsive – he discusses issues that may have a political context. But, to his credit, these discussions by no means allowed people to sniff out a definitive political trend.

Logan Paul has a golden rule when it comes to politics. Whether President Trump or future President Joe Biden, Paul strongly believes that anyone in this position deserves respect.

In addition, he becomes familiar with the school of thought that promotes adaptability to different political environments. This means that there is bound to be a difference in the style of leadership. You have to be able to accept the president for the elected candidate that he is and adapt to the leadership style of the winning candidate.

Of course, this only remains applicable as long as the one in power does not make fun of fundamental rights and constitutionality.

Now, even though Logan Paul is halfway on the scale between being left and right, he has a preferred choice for the POTUS job.

Who does Logan Paul consider a great presidential candidate?

You probably guessed it. It’s Logan Paul. Yes, Logan Paul has publicly stated that he believes he will one day be POTUS.

The YouTuber expressed his wish to be the leader of the United States of America on his podcast. He said with unwavering confidence that not only will he become president one day, but that he will do quite well.

According to Logan Paul, he will be eligible for the presidential elections of 2032.

Nonetheless, he added that he would like to wait a little longer than that to gain a little more credibility in order to be a serious candidate. So, judging by the timeline he described, fans might see Logan Paul running for office in the 2050s.

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