What is the political position of the podcaster?

In previous US presidential elections, Joe Rogan did not vote for Republican candidates. The podcaster described himself as “rather liberal” when speaking with Ben Shapiro on the Ben Shapiro Sunday Special Show back in 2018.

Rogan has said he is a liberal based on his beliefs on topics including same-sex marriage, gay rights, women’s rights and basic income. Although the podcaster jokingly said he “sounds like a Trump supporter,” apparently that’s not the case.

Watch Joe Rogan talk to Ben Shapiro here:

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As mentioned, Rogan did not vote for any Republican candidates in recent US elections. In 2016, the UFC commentator voted for Gary Johnson, a Libertarian candidate. In the 2020 election, Rogan decided to vote for another libertarian candidate, Jo Jorgensen, instead of Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

Joe Rogan apparently isn’t hiding much from his fan base, with his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience often talk about various controversial topics. These conversations can range from recreational drug use to COVID-19, which has often caused issues in the media.

The UFC commentator recently got into hot water after his comments about homelessness and crime in Los Angeles went viral. Rogan had suggested shooting homeless people when discussing how to deal with the state’s rising crime rate.

The comments received a lot of media coverage and criticism, which hadn’t been seen since Rogan’s comments about COVID-19 on his podcast and the discovery of racist language on alumni. JRE episodes.

Joe Rogan called out alleged right-wing bias on Twitter

In February 2022, a social media post by Matthew Sheffield divided opinions on Rogan after the political commentator claimed to have uncovered a right-wing bias within the JRE podcast guests.

The list on the right included household names such as Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro, Elon Musk, Tim Dillon and Tim Pool. The podcast’s supposed left-wing guests included participants like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Edward Snowden.

Sheffield wrote on his Twitter post:

“But people on the right are mostly his [Rogan’s] favorites as you can see on her guest list.”

Joe Rogan fans often point to his fig leaf endorsement of Bernie Sanders as proof that Rogan isn’t right-wing. But the right-wingers are overwhelmingly his favorites as you can see from his guest list. Help me add to that, if you like. Source: jrelibrary.com/articles/stats/ https://t.co/UZnRbV95wK

At the time, Rogan reportedly had 138 episodes involving right-wing guests and only 36 shows featuring left-wing guests. Sheffield called Rogan inviting Bernie Sanders on the JRE podcast a “fig leaf endorsement” and apparently believed it was done to make the podcaster appear left-leaning.

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