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Jim Spanner holds the Parkersburg News and Sentinel Award for 3rd Place in the Division 1 General Excellence Competition and the 2022 Adam R. Kelly Award, which he received Aug. 6 at the annual awards banquet of the West Virginia Press Association convention in Charleston. (Photo by Christina Myer)

CHARLESTON — The Parkersburg News and Sentinel won multiple advertising and reporting awards in the West Virginia Press Association’s 2022 Better Newspaper competition, while the publisher was this year’s Adam R. Kelly Award winner.

The press association, which represents West Virginia newspapers, held its 2022 convention last weekend in Charleston.

The Adam R. Kelly Award, established in 1991, is the press association’s most prestigious honor. It is named after Adam R. Kelly, the late owner and editor of the Tyler Star News in Sistersville and longtime author of the popular weekly column, The “Country Editor.”

This year’s recipient is Jim Spanner, publisher of The News and Sentinel.

“I was both humbled and honored to be the recipient of this award this year,” Spanner said. “With so many deserving people serving in West Virginia newspapers, and with past names associated with this award, I was truly surprised to be called to the podium.”

Left to right, Editor-in-Chief Christina Myer and Advertising Manager Lisa Northcraft pose with the Overall Excellence in Advertising and Editorial Awards received by The Parkersburg News and Sentinel as part of the Better Newspaper 2022 competition sponsored by the West Virginia Press Association. (Photo by Evan Bevins)

Spanner is the 30th recipient of the award, first presented to Phil Fourney of Ravenswood. Other winners include Fran Hollendonner of Parkersburg, the late publisher of The News and Sentinel, Ogden Nutting of Wheeling and David Hedges of Glenville.

The WVPA and the West Virginia newspapers are a close-knit family group, Spanner said. His wife Andrea and daughter Haley attended the ceremony, but his daughter Lindsey and son Corey were unable to attend as they live out of the area.

“I was happy that my wife Andrea and my daughter Haley could be there to share this award, along with two of my newspaper career mentors, Perry Nardo and Mike Christman,” Spanner said.

Spanner said he was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in the newspaper industry and work for a family newspaper company owned by the Nuttings. He worked for newspapers for about 30 years.

“My personal family values ​​fit well with this company. I have now worked for almost 30 years with Ogden Newspapers, and this industry, and this business, has been very rewarding for me and my family, both personally and professionally,” he said.

“But this award is mine to share, as none of this personal recognition would be possible without the hard work and professionalism that is displayed daily by our team at The Parkersburg News and Sentinel and The Marietta Times,” Spanner said. “And for those people, I’m very grateful.”

The News and Sentinel won 22 awards in total in the advertising and editorial categories, nine in advertising and 13 in editorial.

The newspaper, which competes in Division 1 (dailies with more than 10,000 circulations) was ranked second statewide in the advertising category and third in the editorial division. It also won the Advertisement of the Year award.

“It is always an honor to win these awards because your newspaper is judged among other newspapers outside your region,” Advertising executive Lisa Northcraft said. “Advertising is definitely a team effort. Starting with the sale of the ad, to the design of the ad and finally to the publication of the ad.

“I would like to thank everyone involved in this process who made this past year a success,” she says.

“I’m proud of the awards our newsroom has won, but that’s no surprise,” said editor-in-chief Christina Myer. “These people work tirelessly to provide the best possible newspaper for our readers. It is encouraging to know that the judges have recognized this.

Results of the Editorial Division:

* Staff, newspaper food drives, 1st place, community service.

* Evan Bevins, Parkersburg, Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority reach deal on missed funding, 1st place, report generated from public notice.

* Kristofer McKenna, Headlines, 1st Place, Best Headline Writing.

* Staff, WVU-Parkersburg, 1st place, best special section.

* Staff, pigskin preview, 1st place, special top sports section.

* Staff, January 10, October 1, 1st place, best newspaper design.

* Staff, News and Sentry Editorial Pages, 2nd Place, Best Editorial Page.

* Steven Adams, CEO of Boston-based DataRobot, sees potential in West Virginia, 2nd Place, Best Business, Economics or Labor Report.

* Terry Estep, Headlines, 2nd Place, Best Headline Writing.

* Staff, Progress Edition, 2nd Place, Best Special Section.

* Steven Adams, Reporter’s Notebook, 3rd place, best news columnist.

* Art Smith, Lights Fill the Sky With Joy, 3rd place, photo essay.

* Staff, Spring Sports, 3rd Place, Special Top Sports Section.

The results of the Advertising division were:

* Art Smith, SWC welcomes Mark Reeder, 1st place, Best Classified.

* Art Smith, Warren Warriors, 1st place, best newspaper promotional campaign.

* Patty Kehl, Bus Schedule, 1st Place, Best Public Notice Promotion.

* Staff, Vaughan Kimes, 1st place, best four-color ad – more than a quarter of a page.

* Personal, Which Side Are You On?, 1st Place, Best Political Ad

* Staff, Keep Our Street Clean, 2nd Place, Best Public Notice Promotion.

* Staff, Hello Jackson County!, 2nd Place, Best Black & White Single Ad – Over a Quarter Page.

* Staff, Bride’s Guide, 2nd Place, Best Special Section.

* Staff, Spring Fix-Up, 2nd Place, Best Theme Pages.

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