West Bengal has always taken a political stance of opposition to the Center, says BJP head of state


Dec 15 2020 16:47 STI

Calcutta (West Bengal) [India], Dec. 15 (ANI): West Bengal has always taken a political stance against the Center, whether it was the Communist Party earlier or the Trinamool Congress now, West Bengal Party Chairman Bharatiya Janata (BJP) said on Tuesday , Dilip Ghosh.
“West Bengal’s political position has always been against the Center. The CPI has done the same and now the TMC is doing it. The CM does not attend a meeting of chief ministers. They do not send chief secretaries. or district magistrates, whenever they are called by the Center, “he told ANI.

He said, “The Center just called in two or three officers. They are not sent. The policy here is to oppose the Center.
“If the central government has called them, they must go and meet. The state government has deliberately relaxed security. This is why this situation has arisen in the state. No one can support all of these things in a democracy. Public order has collapsed. . Because of this, even those at the top of the leadership are attacked. These circumstances will not change until this government is there, ”said the head of the BJP.
Reminding the state government of the federal structure of the country, he said: “When the central government calls them (officials), they will have to leave. The refusal of the state government to follow the order of the Center leads to a deterioration of public order. “(ANI)

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