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Today we mark the 13th anniversary of the founding of the SNS, Serbian President and SNS leader Aleksandar Vui announced on his Instagram profile.

Source: B92

Printskrin: Instagram / avucic

“I remember with pride the day the Party was founded, and I am particularly proud of the results we have achieved over all these years,” the announcement read.

Vui stresses that the strongest and best political organization in modern Serbia has been created and that internal changes will have to be pursued in order to preserve this strength.

“This strength does not come from our victories, but from the fact that every time after the fall we managed to get up and keep fighting even harder.

Only those who fight for their interests can count on the confidence of the people, and I believe that the Serbian Progressive Party will continue to do so in the future. Happy birthday to all progressives! My message to all of you is to fight, to fight, and more to fight and to fight! Long live the Serbian Progressive Party!

For Serbia! Long live Serbia! “said Vui.

Finance Minister Sinia Mali also congratulated the SNS on its anniversary.

“Exactly 13 years ago our @sns_srbija party was founded! Happy birthday, dear progressives! Let us fight even harder for a better and more successful Serbia in the years to come! Long live Serbia!”


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