Utah Sheriffs Association accuses George Soros and “funds police” for increasing crime


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Utah Sheriffs Association accuses George Soros and “funds police” for increasing crime rate

On Tuesday, the Criminal Identification Bureau of the Utah Department of Public Safety released Utah Crime Report 2020.

According to the report, the overall crime rate in Utah is dropping, but the number of violent crimes has risen. Homicides increased 44% last year. You can read a Fox 13 report breakdown here.

The response to the report of the Utah Sheriffs Association was very, very spicy and surprisingly political.

Cache County Sheriff and president of the association Chad Jensen did not hesitate.

“The capture and release of George Soros, the cashless bail, police funding, the radical agenda is good for criminals and a disaster for public safety. Unfortunately it has caught up with us. The result is a cycle apparently endless career criminals who believe there is little consequence to their actions. They will continue to offend, to be released and to reoffend until we stop this nonsense, “Jensen said.

It’s breathtaking how easily Jensen was able to summon the popular right-wing bogeyman George Soros and connect him to the progressive talking point “defund the police”.

The remainder of the statement warns of staffing shortages for law enforcement across the state while vowing to oppose an “anti-law enforcement agenda.” The statement did not say where such a program came from or who might be behind it.

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Wednesday Morning Utah News Summary


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Salt lake city

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In the review pages

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– Jordan Miller of the Tribune contributed to this report.

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