UP: Political party billboards, posters removed as code of conduct comes into effect

Authorities have started removing billboards and posters put up by political parties across Uttar Pradesh as the model code of conduct came into effect with the Electoral Commission’s announcement of polling dates for the State. The commission on Saturday announced a seven-phase vote in the state starting Feb. 10. Vote counting will take place in March, with four other states tied to the ballot.

The vote will take place on February 10, February 14, February 20, February 23, February 27, March 3 and March 7. It will move from the western part of the state to the east.

“The Model Code of Conduct has been implemented in the state and it will be followed. All District Magistrates (District Election Officers) have been instructed to implement the Model Code of Conduct. They will send their reports regularly,” Chief Electoral Officer Ajay Kumar Shukla told PTI on Sunday.

Lucknow District Magistrate Abhishek Prakash said that in accordance with the guidelines of the Indian Election Commission, the model code of conduct has been implemented and will be strictly adhered to. Instructions for the model code of conduct have been sent to the Lucknow City Commissioner, he said.

Following this, teams from the Lucknow Municipal Corporation were seen removing banners and posters from Saturday itself.

Reports from Basti indicate that the administration has started removing banners, posters and billboards from various places in the district. District Magistrate Saumya Agarwal said political party banners and posters displayed on public properties were being removed.

Similar reports were received from Etawah and Farrukhabad.

The Model Code is a set of guidelines, issued by the Electoral Commission, for political parties, candidates, the government and the ruling party in elections regarding speeches, announcements, election manifestos and general conduct.

It includes restrictions on banners and posters on private property without prior permission and stipulates that billboards and advertisements put up at the expense of the public treasury illustrating the achievements of the ruling party must be removed without delay by the authorities.

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