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KATMANDU, July 20: Top CPN-UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal has indicated that he will soon form a new party.

Addressing a function held in the capital to mark Pushpa Lal Memorial Day at Champadevi in ​​Kathmandu on Thursday, the Nepalese top leader said no one chooses to stay if they are subjected to repeated humiliations.

“No one wants to leave the house he has built. But no one stays behind in the face of constant humiliation,” Nepal said, referring to his own situation. “No one should stay put in the face of the bad deeds of others. We have not been given guidance to stay put even after facing humiliation.”

The top Nepalese leader is believed to have strengthened the party organization at this point after taking over responsibility for the UML following the death of Madan Kumar Bhandari. He is currently facing the Hamletian dilemma as President Oli and his followers repeatedly humiliated him within the party.

Arguing that people accustomed to humiliating others also humiliate society and the country, the top Nepal leader said that such a tendency should be discouraged. He also revealed his desire to further strengthen the “revolutionary communist movement” in the country.

The Nepal leader said he would decide the future course of action after seeing how President Oli was pushing the party forward. “We are currently monitoring how the party is moving forward. We will determine our path accordingly,” he added.

Youth wing executives close to President Oli had organized a “monkey rally” demonizing Nepal for having supported Nepalese Congress President (NC) Sher Bahadur Deuba in the race for the prime minister. He described the criticisms and protests organized by UML executives in recent days as nothing but tragedy. He said those who protested against him were criminals and henchmen.

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