Tunisia: general secretaries of political parties meet Tabboubi of the UGTT


Tunis / Tunisia – The general secretary of the Tunisian General Labor Union, Noureddine Tabboubi, met Tuesday, the general secretaries of the Democratic Current (Attayar), Ghazi Chaouachi, Ettakatol, Khalil Zaouia, Al Joumhouri, Issam Chebbi, and Afek Tounes , Fadhel Abdelkefi.

The meeting focused on the general situation in the country, the union organization said.

For his part, Ghazi Chaouachi wrote in a Facebook post that the secretaries general of the four parties expressed their great concern at “the persistent vagueness” and “the growing tensions” at a time when the country needs ” signs of appeasement “to better manage the repercussions of the crisis which could paralyze state institutions.

Chaouachi said the delegation reaffirmed its rejection of all calls to suspend the constitution or extend the state of emergency.

They also stressed the need to speed up the appointment of a prime minister to address pressing economic issues.

He added that the general secretaries of the four parties affirmed their determination to assume their responsibilities in this delicate period and to work to broaden the basis of consultation (with all national organizations and democratic parties).

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