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The world is once again paying close attention to the case of Vybz Kartel, the jailed Jamaican dancehall artist who is charged with the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams. The sudden public reasoning surrounding the case follows an unexpected jail interview conducted over the phone exclusively with FOX5 New York reporter Lisa Evers.

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, was sentenced to 35 years in prison for this crime, after being arrested on September 29, 2011. His legal fight continues as he appeals the 2014 court ruling to the Council private from London. In his interview with Evers, Kartel openly says: “May God save the queen because she is the only one who can save me now.” The London Privy Council is second in authority after the Queen. Along with “Romping Shop” singer, artist Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones and Andre St John have also been charged with the murder of Williams. They, too, are appealing their convictions based on a British expert’s revelation that Palmer’s cell phone had been tampered with. According to official police reports, Clive “Lizard” Williams was lured into a house in Havendale, St. Andrew, where he was beaten to death for misplacing two firearms. Prosecutors used multiple text messages, voice notes and videos taken from multiple phones to build their case against Kartel and his co-defendants.

Speaking to Evers, the 45-year-old artist hinted at a government plan to crack down on artists considered influential for spreading violent lyrics through their music and influencing young people. “To be really honest, the system really wanted me to get rid of. There was never any question of me being accused of murder, it was a question of getting rid of Vybz Kartel, not of Adidja Palmer the person ”, he said.

When asked why he thought the system was there to have him, Kartel replied that was what officials told them.

“If you remember, when Mavado and I had this little quarrel a few years ago, we even went to King’s House, which is like the Prime Minister’s house and they told us that oh, we were leading the kids astray, and if we don’t stop doing what we’re doing, we won’t be allowed to do shows and stuff like that. – VYBZ KARTEL

In 2011, Jamaica’s deputy commissioner Ealan Powel admitted the arrest was part of a police attack on the performers. “We have an interest in at least ten other members of the entertainment industry, some of whom have been implicated in a number of murders and shootings,” he added. he said at the time.


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