The Vox political party in Spain has filed a complaint against a journalist who encouraged the blowing up of the basilica and the abbey

The The journalist who advocated blowing up the basilica and abbey on the grounds of the Valley of the Fallen memorial complex northwest of Madrid has been charged by Spain’s Vox political party. The largest cross in the whole world is in this installation.

Due to his encouragement to use dynamite to blow up the abbey in the Valley of the Fallen during a radio broadcast, Spanish journalist Héctor de Miguel de Cadena SER, a radio station of the PRISA group, was quoted in a legal complaint for hate crime and for offending religious feelings, both prohibited by articles 524 to 526 of the national penal code.

“The Valley of the Dead is a (obscenity),” the reporter said during his rant before offering, “Why don’t we go in there with dynamite and blow it all up? If it could be a Sunday, so much the better.

Vox’s assistant secretary for legal actions, Marta Castro, said that whatever his political intentions, the journalist’s statements “attack and harm the religious feelings of many citizens”.

Aimar Bretos, the director of the Hora 25 program, and Ignacio Soto Pérez, the general manager of Cadena SER, have also been accused in this case. Castro stressed that the individuals who control the media must take responsibility for their actions as specified in article 28 of the penal code because they are considered collaborators in the crime.

The Vox party also drew attention to the reporter’s choice of specific phrases “to blow up” with dynamite, which they perceived to have “violent” intent.

The journalist claimed that the best time to blow up the abbey would be on a Sunday, when many devotees attend mass at the basilica, “without worrying about the lives of the citizens going to church” to practice their religious faith, according to Vox.

The Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers said it had also filed charges against Héctor de Miguel for harassment as well as hate crime and outrage against religious sensitivities.

In its complaint, the association said the radio host had accused her of “violent blackmail” because she had organized a petition campaign to end the show.

The association also accused the radio host of having compared it “to a terrorist or paramilitary gang” when he demanded on the air “the dissolution and the immediate handing over of weapons, as well as the forgiveness of the victims “.

The journalist’s tirade resulted in more than 800 phone calls in three days to the association’s offices, which “affected the daily functioning of the organization”, charged the lawyers.

To honor those who lost their lives on both sides of the Spanish Civil War, Francisco Franco ordered the creation of the Valley of the Fallen, a colossal complex near Madrid that includes an abbey and a basilica. The bodies of more than 30,000 war victims are buried in the complex.

Nationalist and Republican factions clashed during the Spanish Civil War from 1936 to 1939. Republican soldiers killed tens of thousands of religious and secular people during the conflict; among them, 11 were canonized and more than 2,000 were beatified.

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