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By: Joviane Pembele

The Student Government Association is the voice of all Parkland students. Advised by Evila Newman, the SGA has accompanied many changes over the years to make it a place to feel at home.

The association was created to give students a voice and “find out what students want and need across campus,” Newman said. Students needed a voice that could help transform the campus into an environment that students can appreciate more. A student body has been organized to help achieve these goals.

Recently, the Student Government Association has been driving changes such as:

  • A new cafeteria service that offers affordable prices, more dining options and prepared meals for students.
  • A clean campus environment.
  • With equal budgets for clubs and associations according to their size, the larger the organization, the more it is called upon to welcome each person associated with the group.
  • A tuition hike to provide laptops to help students who may not have theirs but need them for their studies. Their current president (name) has also introduced early voting to involve more students in political changes that could affect their lives.

But what will happen now that there aren’t many students who have applied for leadership positions in SGA?

The COVID-19 pandemic struck just around election time when the campus was last opened, meaning a real student government on campus was not put in place. Once it all went virtual, it became difficult to stay positive without the certainty of campus life returning one day. Students are leaving student government virtually because of the difference between running the organization virtually and in person. The inability of students to see a system of student government has resulted in a shortage of participants in the fall 2021 semester. They have not been able to witness the changes they have the ability to make through a influential student body.

Every Parkland student is automatically a member of the SGA, which means that technically there cannot be a shortage of student government members. The only difference is that a group of students are voting members who can vote on the adoption of the rules. But each student can change the campus in their own way. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings to express their concerns about the campus. In order for the rules to be changed or changed, there must be elected bodies within the board of directors that vote.

“There are no voting members, senators and representatives… that’s what we are looking for, Lydia (the current president) always attends meetings and represents the AGS… our administrator always attends the board meetings of administration… The only problem is anything that needs a vote right now wouldn’t be finished yet, ”Newman said.

The elections were postponed until more people were interested. Meetings take place every Thursday at 2 p.m. and are open to everyone. The application deadline has been extended and all interested students are encouraged to apply.

The student government is an association of students. For more information on how to help build a better community or about the Student Government Association, contact Evila Newman at [email protected] or visit the Office of Student Life at U-111.

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