The political position of supermarket buyers revealed


This is according to the results of the Consumer Sentiment Tracker survey by analyst Conlumino. The organization also claims Morrisons buyers represent the highest share of undecided voters ahead of the May 7 general election.

The results show that more than 29% of Tesco buyers and 27% of Sainsbury buyers intend to vote Conservative, while nearly 37% of Asda customers and 30% of Morrisons buyers intend to vote conservative. vote Labor.


Sainsbury had the highest level of support for UKIP among consumers frequenting the Big Four supermarkets, with nearly a fifth of its shoppers planning to vote for the party. By comparison, UKIP support was lowest among Asda buyers, with just over 12% planning to back the party.

Support for the Liberal Democrats was weak among shoppers at the Big Four supermarkets, especially among those frequenting Morrisons, but stronger among shoppers at Sainsbury’s, Conlumino said. The Green Party has the most support from Sainsbury buyers, while Morrisons buyers were the least likely to vote for that party, he added.

Consumers planning to vote Liberal Democrats were the most positive about future spending intentions, both relative to the UK index and to those planning to vote for other major political parties.

Future expenses

Consumers planning to vote for Labor were the most negative about their future spending intentions compared to the UK-wide index and those planning to vote for other major political parties.

They were almost twice as negative about their spending intentions over the next six months as those planning to vote for the Conservative Party, Conlumino said.

Those planning to vote UKIP were very negative about future spending intentions, he said. Only 3.5% of those planning to vote for the party said they plan to spend a bit more on retail products in the next six months.

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