The Bulgarian NGO “Spasi Sofia” becomes a political party –

We create the ‘Spasi Sofia (To safeguard Sofia) to party. 14 years ago, we started as three like-minded people who believed that the type of city we lived in was up to us. Today our cause to save Sofia attracts thousands of people – architects, engineers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, economists and above all active citizens from all over the city. We are growing, becoming more numerous and giving a clear signal that we are ready to take responsibility for solving SofiaThe problems.” This is what the founder of “Spasi Sofia“Boris Bonev said in a statement.

That’s why we bring together active people involved in the city, who have skills, energy and knowledge. In the struggle for a better Sofia, you not only need a mayor, but also municipal councilors and a team of dedicated experts. There ‘Spasi Sofiato party will be the platform through which citizens and our team of experienced professionals will work together for the benefit of our city,” he added.

In 2019, the association appointed one of its founders – Boris Bonevas an independent candidate for mayor of Sofiaand his colleague Gergin Borisov – as an independent city councillor.

Bonev came 4th for mayor with 47,936 of the votes of Sofia residents. And if “Spasi Sofia” had made a whole list, there would have been a group of 10 advisers in the Sofia Municipal Council.

Bonev is now a councilor and does not hide the fact that he will again be a candidate for mayor. And in October, he announces that this time the candidates of the association will certainly be on the list.

Exactly one year before the next local elections, his organization announced that it would become a political party.

According to the announcement of its initiative committee, the to party will work for a non-partisan administration without corruption, increased income and welfare of citizens, accelerated regional development and decentralization of local government, etc.

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