The Buffalo Party of Alberta becomes an officially registered political party – – Alberta Politics

The Buffalo Party of Alberta is officially registered with Elections Alberta.

The party leadership includes the leader John Molberg (former Wildrose party donor), Chairman Sharon Smith (who in Leduc Beaumont as Wildrose nominee in 2015 and UCP nomination contestant in 2018), and Chief Financial Officer jenny walker (the former president of the separatist group Wexit Alberta, which merged with the Freedom Conservative Party to become the Wildrose Independence Party in July 2020).

When contacted for comment, the administrator of the Buffalo Party’s Facebook page replied that party organizers collected more than 13,000 signatures to obtain registered party status.

While bearing the same name as the separatist openly Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan (formerly known as Wexit Saskatchewan), the person said the party had “no legal ties to any other political organization federally or in other provinces.”

The also denied being a separatist party:

“We are not a separatist party. For Albertans whose only priority is separatism, there are several separatist options to choose from, but the Buffalo Party of Alberta is not.

“The Buffalo Party of Alberta, while sharing some similar principles such as increased Alberta autonomy and decentralized decision-making, is distinctly Albertan and will represent Albertan views. We have no legal ties with any other political organization federally or in other provinces.

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