The association commends Buhari for his fight against insecurity in the northeast

1 A denominational association, the United Pastors Initiative for Good Governance (UPIG) congratulated the president Muhammadu BuhariThe government led by has tackled the problem of insecurity, especially in the North East.

2 The association also urged Federal government intensify efforts to achieve a secure society, a stable economy and a strong education system for its citizens.

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3 The president of the association, the Rev. James Muyasaid at a Saturday press conference in Abuja.

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4 He advised the government to put in place policies that would resolve the persistent strike in higher education institutions in order to improve the country’s education system.

5 The president, who said the association was not a political party and was not ready to support any candidate for the next elections, urged INEC provide an equal playing field for all participants.

6 “In the fight against insecurity, before the arrival of President Buhari in 2015, many NigeriaPeople in the northeast had no homes and had no hope of returning to their villages.

seven “But today President Buhari has made it possible for them to return home as he promised Nigerians after his swearing in.

8 “Therefore, President Buhari deserves a recommendation on the matter,” he said.

9 Muya also praised Buhari for signing the 2023 election law, urging those who foresee electoral violence or malpractice in the 2023 general election to rethink.

ten He expressed the association’s willingness to observe, monitor, analyze and report the credibility of the 2023 general election to the public.

11 “That is why we advise those who are preparing for vote buying, rigging, coerced reporting and other possible election crimes, to desist from their evil intentions before it is too late.


13 He commended the administration for its various achievements, including the completion of projects initiated by the previous administration.

14 He described the President’s achievements as the best “continuity government” that never stopped any good initiative created by the previous administration.

15 For his part, the northern vice-president of the association, Mr. Yakubu Anzasaid the president had done his best over the past seven years, but needed to check the appointment of security chiefs.

16 He said that Nigeria had two major religions, noting that if security chiefs were appointed from among the two religious, it would go a long way in facilitating the fight against the insurgency.

17 NewsSourceCredit: NOPE

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