Steven Seagal to join “A Just Russia – For the Truth” political party – Russian Politics & Diplomacy


MOSCOW, May 27. / TASS /. Actor and special representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry on Russian-American humanitarian relations Steven Seagal will officially join the “A Just Russia – For the Truth” political party on Saturday, where he will work on environmental issues, said on Thursday the party at TASS.

“At the Chamber of Deputies meeting, we plan to present a United Party membership card to Steven Seagal. Previously, he was a member of the ‘For the Truth’ party, and now he has joined the ‘A Just Russia – For Truth ‘party, with the team of’ A Just Russia ‘ [co-chairman] Zakhar Prilepin, “said a party representative.

According to the representative, Seagal will continue to work on ecology, “in particular on the fight against environmental contamination”.

“Work plans in this area will be presented at the May 29 meeting of the Chamber of Deputies,” added the party press service.

According to party officials, the actor will not run for a seat in power because of his US citizenship. Seagal obtained Russian citizenship in November 2016.

Under Russian law, Russian citizens over the age of 18 have the right to be members of a political party.

The party’s press service added that people of foreign nationality are not prohibited from being members of a political party, as long as they also have Russian nationality.

“The law states that [foreign citizens] cannot join parties if they do not have Russian nationality, ”the party said.

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