Sestak appointed to new advisory board of third party political parties

Moving Forward Democratic Party.

Former Pennsylvania two-term congressman Joe Sestak, who twice unsuccessfully ran for the U.S. Senate and launched a brief bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, recently joined the new “Forward Party” and will now have an official title with the organization.

On Thursday, the Forward Party announced in a Release that Sestak was chosen to be a founding member of the “Forward Leadership Circle”, which is “an advisory body to the organization”.

In a recent interview with The Michael Steele PodcastSestak detailed his belief that a third party is needed in the United States.

“Having been a sailor in the Navy for over 30 years, I felt at home as a representative from a Republican congressional district, as an independent who happened to be a Democrat. The problem today is: ‘the party over the nation’, and when it becomes ‘us versus them’, almost anything can be justified,” Sestak said, according to a Release from the front part.

“Some compare today’s divisive political era to the 1850s, when a coalition emerged on a single serious issue – slavery – and the Republican Party was born, with a leader who prevented the ‘Union to divide,’ Sestak said. “To me, the divisive issue today is the steady erosion of trust that imposes ever-increasing costs on America. Trust is our nation’s greatest deficit, and that’s why I support the birth of the Forward Party: Hard times breed new strength, hopefully once again, to bring our nation together.

The striker’s co-CEO Miles Taylor has expressed optimism that Sestak will take over the role.

“We are honored to have the Admiral’s leadership,” Taylor said. “Recent attacks by political figures against our nation’s institutions – including our Justice Department and law enforcement – ​​are yet another reminder of an uncivil war that threatens our democracy. Forward unites leaders across the political spectrum to counter political extremism and support candidates and elected leaders who focus on common sense solutions — make, not divide — and move America forward.

The Forward Party was described by national outlets as a “centrist” party.

According to Forward Party Platform Pagethey say the party advocates ‘doing, not dividing’ while adding ‘it means rejecting the far left and the far right and search for common ground.”

Although the Forward Party claims to reject the “rigid, top-down, uniform platforms of outdated political parties”, their platform details their support for ranked ballots, nonpartisan primaries and independent redistricting commissions.

According to the release, Sestak will work on The Forward Leadership Circle with “former U.S. presidential candidates, members of Congress, governors, cabinet members, entrepreneurs and grassroots leaders.”

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