Saurashtra Leuva Patel community to form panel to decide political position



The community of Saurashtra Leuva Patel will form a committee to decide the political position in the future. The influential community on the politics of the region will nominate the members of the committee unanimously and which will be composed of people very experienced and connected with public life and social services.

Khodaldham Trust administrator Naresh Patel made an announcement on the matter on Friday from Rajkot.

Patel delivered a press conference in Rajkot at Sardar Patel Bhavan after the dramatic footage of his resignation from Khodaldham and protest against trusted President Paresh Gajera. Patel said he accepted that all of the consequences of his resignation were motivated by egocentric politicians, but all of the directors have never worked in our community with a political inclination towards a party.

He said, “We will form a committee under the leadership of our leader Hansrajbhai Gajera and senior community leaders who are not part of Khodaldham’s trust will be present on the committee. The committee will develop policies on the political position of the community and guide the Khodaldham Trust on the role of trustees in politics. They will also run the trust if any of the Khodaldham members wish to join active politics.

“I was sad about the controversy created over my resignation. I had submitted my resignation because I could not devote time to my business and I have no grievances against anyone in the trust. I had already expressed my feelings. before the trustees before and then I had decided to resign. Today also I had offered my resignation but the board of directors rejected my proposal. We have all now decided that we will remain in trust for the next five years on the same post, ”added Naresh Patel.

Patel also made it clear that incumbent Khodaldham Trust chairman Paresh Gajera was like a younger brother to him. Gajera also touched Patel’s feet when they first met after the controversy. Patel had tendered his resignation on Wednesday, which propelled the protest against Gajera. Many young people opposed Gajera and posters against him appeared in Rajkot, sympathizing with Patel.

Gajera said, “I will work as a dedicated soldier for the community and Khodaldham under the leadership of Nareshbhai. I was associated with Congress and was also a party councilor, but I have no political affiliation after joining Khodaldham. I I cannot predict what I will do in the future. “


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