Rwanda: PDI political party celebrates its 30th anniversary

The Ideal Democratic Party known by its French acronym PDI (Ideal Democratic Party) celebrated on Tuesday, November 30, the 30th anniversary of its founding in 1991.

Originally the Islamic Democratic Party, the party changed its name in 2003, a move party chairman Musa Fazil Harerimana attributed to the eradication of all forms of discrimination in the country, including on a religious basis, and a way forward to build the nation together. .

“As a party, we have always fought discrimination in all its forms, even in the post-genocide government, where we condemned any form of injustice that was happening and we will continue to do so,” said Harerimana, who is also the vice president. in charge of finance and administration.

Harerimana described the party’s achievements over the past thirty years as “more than expected”.

“We founded the party with the aim of promoting peace, equality and economic development, and we can say that by working together as a nation and with other political parties, we have achieved this and we are doing even more to improve ourselves, “he said. added.

He stressed that the party’s future plans include engaging young people to work for the development of the country and to ensure that the country does not decline the achievements it has made.

Salama Uwamurera, the party’s coordinator in Western Province, said the party’s plan is to have more women participating in the leadership of the country as this has been one of the pillars of the party.

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