Running a political party is not the same as running a business: Razak Kojo Opoku writes

Running and running a political party is completely different from running and running a corporate organization. The fact that one can be successful in leading and managing a corporate organization does not necessarily mean that you can excel or be successful in leading and managing an established national political party and vice versa.

At the company level, the management structure, the interest of external stakeholders/shareholders and the board of directors (at least 10 to 15 members) of the company will be discussed.

However, the political administration is completely different. One will implement decisions made by a large number of members of the National Delegates Conference, the National Council, the National Executive Committee, the National Steering Committee and various sub-committees established by the National Council, the Executive Committee National and the National Steering Committee.

Appropriately, anyone aspiring to the post of General Secretary should have considerable national IPAC experience as well as management or intellectual contribution to the Party’s national operations and strategy. Additionally, a strong alliance with smaller opposition political parties is an added advantage considering a possible run-off as we head into the curse of the 8-year cycle.

An experienced and mature National President will need the perfect combination with an experienced General Secretary if indeed NPP is very serious about climbing the curse of the 8 year cycle.

It’s a complete joke to make similar promises to running and managing a corporate entity when aspiring to lead the national secretariat of a political party, because all of these corporate type promises can possibly be rejected out of hand by the members of the Conference of Delegates. , the National Council, the National Executive Committee, the National Steering Committee and the majority of Party members.

Breaking through the curse of the 8-year cycle would certainly require the services of an experienced General Secretary who has served in almost every Party structure, a track record of involvement in Party operations and strategic decisions for Victory 2016 and 2020.

The person should also have experience in defending the Party’s interests at national ICP meetings.

Corporate organizations are created for profit and job creation unlike political parties which are created primarily to win the mandate of the people.

The NDC is patiently waiting to see the outcome of the NPP executive election. This will help them strategize and build radical leadership, just as they did before the 2008 general election.

NPP Delegates must choose wisely because we have a responsibility to cross the 8.

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