Redman is a co-founder of the National Cannabis Political Party

Redman turned his love for cannabis into a position in pot politics.

Redman recently co-founded the National Cannabis Party, a political party that advocates for the legalization of marijuana. Friday (June 17), the Green Market Report posted images from the recent Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo in New York. Red was at the event to share information about his new political party with co-founder Sephida Artis-Mills.

“We are a political party. So we are able to do things that your typical organization is not able to do,” Artis-Mills explained of the organization, which is registered as Federal Election Commission. “We are able to challenge the government. We are able to influence policy and legislation. We have a bill on the table right now here in New York State.”

Redman explained, “We’re talking about the purpose of this industry, not profit. Think of us as the bridge. Think of us as someone you can bring your problems to. And if you want to help us put some paint where this is not the case, consult us at and help us bridge the gap with this industry.”

The How high The rapper added, “One thing I can say, coming from the 1990s, where cannabis wasn’t understood at all. You might as well have said cannabis was crack in the 1990s. Big facts. Guys like me, Snoop Dogg, B-Real, Method Man, we put this cannabis industry on the line. That means we missed a lot of endorsements. We missed a lot of money because companies like Coca- Cola, Sprite didn’t understand how cannabis healed and helped people.”

As one of hip-hop’s biggest stoner rap groups, Redman have championed weed musically for three decades, including releasing classic pot anthems like “How to Roll a Blunt,” “How High” with Method Man, “Smoke Buddah” and others, and featured in the cult classic How high. In 2016, he backed the BlazeNow dispensary locator app with partner in rhyme Method Man.

Check out Redman explaining his political cannabis party’s mission below.

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