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Andrew J. Whitaker of The Post and Courier was named the 2020 Daily Photojournalist of the Year by the SC Press Association.

Whitaker has worked for the newspaper since January 2018. He also won the association’s top prize for photo reporting, sports reporting and imagery.

Visual editor Matthew Fortner said Whitaker shows care and respect for the community through his work, whether it’s a daily assignment, a special project, or a photo on her Instagram feed.

“It is a privilege to have him on our exceptional visual team, and I am delighted to see his talent recognized,” said Fortner.

The Post and Courier staff won a total of 91 awards in the SC Press Association’s 2020 news competition, enough to earn the President’s Award for Excellence in the 25,000+ print division. The award recognizes the best overall performance in the competition among South Carolina newspapers. The newspaper received 31 first place prizes, 33 second place prizes and 27 third place prizes.

Jennifer Berry Hawes, Stephen Hobbs, Glenn Smith and Seanna Adcox won first place in the public service for “IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO DIE,” a detailed account of the failures that led to the 2018 riot in the Lee Correctional Institution which left seven dead. History also won first place in investigative journalism.

Senior Project Reporter Tony Bartelme won first and second place at the Judson Chapman Award, which recognizes the best stories that support a cause of concern to the community. Bartelme won first place for “Troll Hunters,” a story about two Clemson professors who investigated attempts by Russian agents to sow discord in America via social media. His second-place story, “Ghost Bird,” deals with the impact of climate change on the habitat of the elusive Eastern Black Rail. Troll Hunters also won third place for corporate reports.

The Post and Courier also received an honorable mention in the Montgomery / Shurr Freedom of Information Award, which recognizes newspapers that have demonstrated unusual diligence and / or courage in promoting access to public information. .

The journal’s awards represented a range of coverage areas and journalistic disciplines, including reporting, photography, design and headline writing:

First place

Judson Chapman Award – Tony Bartelme

Info Graphic – Bryan Brussee

EA Ramsaur Award – Cindi Ross Scoppe

Examination portfolio – Hanna Raskin

Health Reports – Nick Masuda

Faith Beat Reportage – Jennifer Berry Hawes

Sports Beat Reporting – Joshua Needelman

Featured Section or Magazine – Chad Dunbar and his staff

Digital Project – Bryan Brussee, Brandon Lockett and Emory Parker

COVID-19 Coverage – Postal and courier staff

Investigative Reporting – Jennifer Berry Hawes, Stephen Hobbs, Glenn Smith and Seanna Adcox

Government Facts Reports – Avery G. Wilks

Activity Reports – Avery G. Wilks

Growth and Development Beat Reporting – Nathaniel Cary

Public Service – Jennifer Berry Hawes, Stephen Hobbs, Glenn Smith and Seanna Adcox

Writing Lifestyle Articles – Jennifer Berry Hawes

Profile or Story Writing – Avery G. Wilks and Jamie Lovegrove

Art and Entertainment Writing – Kalyn Oyer

Chronicle writing – Maura Hogan

Spot Sports Story – Joshua Needelman

Sports report – Jeff Hartsell

Sports column writing – Gene Sapakoff

Single Page Design – Chris Tabakian

Interior Page Design – Tracy Burlison

Photo Page Design – Chad Dunbar, Matthew Fortner and Lauren Petracca

Featured Photo – Andrew J. Whitaker

Sports Action Photo – Grace Beahm Alford

Sports news photo – Andrew J. Whitaker

Pictorial – Andrew J. Whitaker

Website – Bryan Brussee, Debbie Clark, Matthew Clough, Brandon Lockett, Matthew Rasnic and Taylor Ysteboe

Featured Video – Grace Beahm Alford

Second place

Judson Chapman Award – Tony Bartelme

Info Graphic – Chad Dunbar

Innovation – Hanna Raskin

Election and Political Coverage – Staff

Editorial or Column in Support of Freedom of Information and Open Government Issues – Cindi Ross Scoppe

Health Reports – Lauren Sausser

News Headlines Writing – Beth Harrison

Sports Headlines Writing – Beth Harrison

Entertainment or Magazine Section – Staff

Digital Project – Emily Daily, Jennifer Berry Hawes and Taylor Ysteboe

In-depth reporting – Emily Williams

Investigative Report – Joseph Cranney

Article series – Thad Moore

Government Facts Reports – Nathaniel Cary

Growth and Development Reports – Chloe Johnson

Education Reports – Jenna Schiferl

Report Writing – Jennifer Berry Hawes

Writing Lifestyle Articles – Adam Parker

Writing a profile or a story – Seanna Adcox

Writing for the Arts and Entertainment – Adam Parker

Column writing – Cindi Ross Scoppe

Sports company report – Gene Sapakoff

Sports report – Joshua Needelman

Single Feature Page Design – Chris Tabakian

Unique Sports Page Design – Dave Hale

Interior Page Design – Brandon Lockett

Photo Page Design – Tracy Burlison

Spot News Photo – Gavin McIntyre

Featured Photo – Gavin McIntyre

Photograph or personality portrait – Andrew J. Whitaker

Newspaper Use of Social Media – Personal

Individual Use of Social Media – Avery G. Wilks

Photo series or photo report – Lauren Petracca

Third place

Judson Chapman Award – Joseph Cranney

Obituary – Maura Hogan

Evaluation portfolio – Maura Hogan

Health Problem Reports – Mary Katherine Wildeman

Faith Beat Reportage – Rickey Ciapha Dennis Jr.

Sports Beat Reporting – David Cloninger

News Headline Writing – Lisa Justus

Headline writing – Beth Harrison

Entertainment or Magazine Section – Staff

Breaking News – Andy Shain, Adam Benson, Jessica Holdman and Mike Fitts

Corporate Reports – Tony Bartelme

Investigative Reporting – Andrew Brown

Article series – Staff

Beat Reporting – Thomas Novely

Activity Reports – John McDermott

Growth and Development Reports – David Slade

Writing Lifestyle Articles – Kalyn Oyer

Writing for the Arts and Entertainment – Maura Hogan

Short story – Shamira McCray

Sports Company Report – David Cloninger

Single Feature Page Design – Chad Dunbar

Interior Page Design – Chad Dunbar, Matthew Fortner and Photo Staff

Spot News Photo – Grace Beahm Alford

General news photo – Grace Beahm Alford

Photo series or photo report – Grace Beahm Alford

Pictorial – Grace Beahm Alford

Featured Video – Gavin McIntyre

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