Planned Parenthood is responsible for creating an all-abortion political party, says former prez

Cecile Richards, the former president and CEO of Planned Parenthood, spoke to Rolling Stone last week about the June 24 Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Given her prolific history with the nation’s biggest abortion giant, it’s no surprise she’s angry at the decision.

Under his leadership, Planned Parenthood shifted health care to focus on abortion to the tune of 3.5 million deaths in 12 years. It looks like she still has some interesting details to share about her time leading the largest abortion industry in the United States.

Majority of Americans Support Abortion Restrictions

In the interview, Richards framed the end of deer as an attack on democracy.

“It’s not just abortion – it’s the idea that the country is ruled by a minority and evolves further into this completely totalitarian regime where it doesn’t matter what the majority thinks, whether it’s on the gun reform, the right to make your own decisions about pregnancy, the climate,” she said. “It’s just awful that we’re living in an undemocratic country right now.

What Richards fails to point out is that it is the abortion industry and its supporters who constitute the minority. A recent poll confirms that the protection of unborn children enjoys strong public support, including the notion of reversal deer. When voters are questioned in favor of deer, they often do not understand what it means; however, when it is explained that deer and its sister business Doe v Bolton authorized abortion during the nine months of pregnancy, people are in favor of its cancellation.

According to Gallup, most Americans think abortion should be limited to the first trimester – only 15% support abortion on demand until birth as deer and Doe authorized.

Planned Parenthood helped make the Democratic party the abortion party

Richards further responded to the idea that Democrats bear some responsibility for deer‘s downfall for their lack of action to protect access to abortion in previous years. She then explained that it was Planned Parenthood that helped make the Democratic Party so extreme on abortion.

“[W]When I came to Planned Parenthood in 2006, the Democratic Party was moving toward open recruitment of people who were against reproductive rights,” she said. “We’ve really done an awful lot, through the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, to build grassroots political organization and political power that has really turned things around, and the Democratic Party has become over the last 15 years really unapologetic about Women’s rights.”

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Although generally unrecognized, there are millions of pro-life Democrat voters, and even more who don’t support the party’s position on abortion. Very few Americans support unlimited abortion at any time during pregnancy, with taxpayer funding and no restrictions – yet Richards has now made it clear it was Planned Parenthood that steered the Democratic Party in this extreme direction.

The 2018 Missouri Democratic Party platform was originally drafted to allow for differing opinions on abortion, particularly to accommodate pro-lifers, until Planned Parenthood and NARAL complained. Members were then effectively required to support abortion. Democratic National Party Chairman Tom Perez also said in 2017 that every Democrat is bound by the DNC to support abortion.

Meanwhile, pro-life Democrats have spent years trying to fight these efforts.

Richards was crystal clear: the abortion industry doesn’t care what the American people really think about abortion. Planned Parenthood does not represent what voters want; it exists to make money, and abortion is lucrative. Planned Parenthood, under Richards’ leadership, could have focused on providing legitimate health care, but chose abortion instead and, according to Richards herself, dragged the Democratic Party along.

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