Pennsylvania Health Care Association seeks more funding to help make nursing homes safer

(WHTM) – It’s budget season in Harrisburg and groups are asking the state legislature for big money. This includes retirement homes and long-term care facilities, which have been ravaged by COVID.

Aged care settings and nursing homes are struggling because they cannot hire enough workers. At the start of the pandemic, an inordinate number of pandemic-related deaths occurred in these groups.

Matt Yarnell, President of SEIU Healthcare PA, said, “With Pennsylvania’s rapidly growing elderly population and increasing number of people requiring extended care services, we need to build a long-term care system that Enables people to receive quality care in the setting of their choice. With a budget surplus and ARPA money still available, Pennsylvania is in a position to make a significant and meaningful move toward resolving this crisis and reforming the nursing home industry.

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Long-term care facilities are asking lawmakers for an additional $290 million in Medicaid reimbursements. They promise it will go to frontline workers and make these care homes safer.

“Every dollar of this funding would empower our long-term care providers. This would allow them to invest in their staff in the form of salary bonuses and benefits. This would allow them to recruit more frontline workers and retain those workers, and it would empower these suppliers to meet the operational demands that this environment demands at this time,” said the company’s President and CEO. Pennsylvania Health Care Association, Zach Shamberg.

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