Pakistan Envoy to United States speaks at 20-20 Investment Association


WASHINGTON: The 20-20 Investment Association hosted Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Dr Asad Majeed Khan, at the closing session of its annual meeting in Washington.

In his remarks, the Ambassador reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment to economic reform and facilitation of international investment. He noted that with its unique geostrategic location, vast human resources and huge untapped growth potential, Pakistan offers attractive incentives and liberal policies for investment in all sectors of the economy for foreign investors and local.

The Ambassador highlighted the Government of Pakistan’s vision for the geoeconomy which was anchored in increased intra-regional trade and connectivity.

Ambassador Dr. Asad Majeed reiterated Pakistan’s support for an inclusive political settlement in Afghanistan.

However, it was also important to recognize the new political reality of Afghanistan and to help the Afghan people avoid a humanitarian catastrophe that could have implications for the region and beyond.

The Ambassador stressed that Pakistan attaches importance to its long-standing partnership with the United States. He said Pakistan is keen to build a broad relationship with the United States with a strong economic and trade pillar.

Dr Asad Majeed Khan further identified areas of Pakistan’s economy, especially its agriculture and technology sector, where the two countries could work together to achieve win-win results.

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