Pakistan: A political party calls for demonstrations in the cities of the province of Balochistan on June 15

June 14, 2022 | 23:45 UTC

The Jamaat-e-Islami party is calling for protests in cities in Balochistan province, Pakistan on June 15. Transport disruptions, possible skirmishes.





The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) party has called for protests in towns across Balochistan province on June 15. The participants intend to denounce the security forces who arrested Baloch protesters outside the Sindh Assembly on June 13. A related protest march will be held at 6:00 p.m. from the Javaid of Gwadar Complex to Shaheed Jwani Chowk; additional unannounced gatherings by like-minded groups are possible. Popular places of protest include press clubs, government buildings, major intersections and public squares. The biggest protests are probably in Quetta, where tens to several hundred people can gather.

Authorities will likely monitor protests and may attempt to forcibly disperse particularly disruptive gatherings. Although most events are likely to take place peacefully, clashes with police and/or members of rival parties cannot be ruled out. Protesters may march along roads or block them, causing localized transport disruptions.

The context

Police arrested at least 28 protesters demonstrating outside the Sindh Provincial Assembly building on June 13. The action was aimed at exposing the alleged illegal arrests of two Baloch students from the University of Karachi on June 7; the students returned home on June 14. Several civil and political organizations have regularly accused the security forces of abuses and excesses targeting the ethnic Baloch population. Controversial arrests and deaths in custody often lead to protests across Balochistan province.


Avoid demonstrations as a precaution. If violence erupts, leave the area immediately. Follow all instructions from security personnel. Allow extra travel time near events. Do not attempt to cross roadblocks, as protesters may react violently. Monitor trusted local media for updates on protest details. Heed all safety and traffic advisories.

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