Oil traders association calls for tax cut


Amid the state government’s BJP demand to reduce its share of taxes on petroleum products, the Jharkhand Petroleum Dealers Association (JPDA) has also made similar demands from the JMM-led UPA government in Jharkhand.

Top congressional leader, district board member and JPDA chairman Ashok Singh demanded the same from the state government.

Speaking to the media, Singh claimed that his association had repeatedly delivered a memorandum to the state government, be it the BJP government or the current government, but none of the governments paid attention to their requests. Singh claimed that Jharkhand is the only state that has very high state taxes on gasoline and diesel compared to its neighboring states, including Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal and the UP.

Explaining the impact, Singh said the majority of pumps on the highways connecting these states do not sell diesel due to the high price, as they are truckers or ordinary men coming to Jharkhand to buy diesel and fuel. gasoline outside Jharkhand. Singh claimed that all of Jharkhand’s major diesel users buy from neighboring states.

He claimed that this is one of the reasons diesel sales have fallen 20% in recent years compared to places where taxes were low. In this way, the state that would otherwise have earned a good income is now at a loss and neighboring states reap the benefits. 60 crores in a month at a moderate estimate. He called on congressional leaders to pressure the government for a reduction in the state government’s tax share, asking not to make gasoline and diesel prices a political agenda.

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