Ohio Education Association condemns attacks on honesty in education contained in Substitute House Bill 327, warns of dire consequences


Ohio Education Association Press Release

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Education Association (OEA) is dismayed by the latest attempt to double the big government’s intrusion into Ohio classrooms with the introduction of Replacement Bill 327 in the committee’s State and local government Wednesday morning. The State Anti-Freedom Censorship Bill is an affront to the people of Ohio, their educators and, worse yet, their students, who will be greatly harmed by the provisions of Sub-Bill 327 of the House if adopted.

“Ohio students deserve an honest and thoughtful education to prepare them to engage and shape the future of our interconnected society and economy. The people of Ohio believe that students and educators should have the freedom to teach and learn without fear of state censorship, intimidation and punishment. But, if the great government mandates of HB 327 become law, our children will be severely deprived of the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills and learn from our mistakes by creating an oppressive and fear-based learning environment, and the growing teacher shortage will become exponentially worse, ”OAS President Scott DiMauro said.

“The children of Ohio need caring and skilled educators in their classrooms to help them become the doctors, entrepreneurs and civic leaders of tomorrow. Sadly, the provisions of HB 327 – which emerged as part of a carefully coordinated national campaign by dishonest organizations leading to confrontational and dishonest attacks on educators, our communities and public schools – will drive teachers from their classrooms. who cannot afford to lose their homes to happy parents in court with a vendetta against the truth. The crippling effect on a profession which is already struggling to attract new entrants would be devastating, ”explained DiMauro.

Replacement version of HB 327 seeks to muzzle educators and prevent them from having age-appropriate discussions with their students on topics deemed “conflicting” by some politicians calling out a national network of extremists who want to whitewash our history so that they can control a political narrative. Attempts to clear up the confusion created by the wording of the previous version of this bill have resulted in even greater confusion as to what can and cannot be taught and do nothing to address the serious underlying problems of the law. A similar bill in Texas forced teachers to consider teaching Holocaust denial alongside actual WWII history.

“No student today is learning to be ashamed of who he is or who his ancestors were; they have the power to be proud of who they are, no matter where they are from, ”said DiMauro. “But, by threatening to withhold vital funding for schools, revoke teachers’ licenses, and hold educators civilly accountable – without capping that liability, HB 327 would make teaching such a risky career path that few would choose.” to do. And ultimately, it is the 1.7 million students in public schools in Ohio who will suffer.

OEA will fight vigorously to prevent the obscure prohibitions and extreme penalties of HB 327 from becoming law. “Ohio educators should be trusted to do the job they were trained to do, following state learning standards and district curriculum in a way that uses honest, accurate learning experiences. and diversified without state censorship or intimidation, ”said DiMauro. “Our organization sees HB 327 and its HB 322 bill as a frontal assault on academic freedom and honesty, and we will not tolerate it.”

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