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NEW DELHI: Private sector investment in India’s space sector will generate high-tech jobs and facilitate technological development, Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval said on Monday.

Speaking at the Indian Space Association (ISpA) Virtual Launch Event, Doval said, “Economic growth and technological development are the most important ingredients of national power. In such an environment, national governments can no longer be the sole actor in the evolution of national security and development policies ”.

“Nation-building is a participatory effort that involves bringing together the collective energies of individuals, structures and systems to maximize the national interest,” said Doval.

“The private sector is an equal sector in nation building. Until now, the space sector, dominated by the public sector, must open up to the private sector ”.

“Prime Minister Modi’s decision to open India’s space domain to private industry is both timely and forward-looking, and complements Prime Minister Aatmanirbhar Bharat’s vision,” Doval said . “These steps will make India a center for manufacturing space assets.”

The Indian Space Association can play a crucial role in helping private sector companies to proactively organize themselves to take advantage of future opportunities, he said.

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