Nikki Fried responds again for the association Matt Gaetz

Agriculture Commissioner Fried Nikki has a friend US Rep. Matt Gaetz.

As primary election day approaches next week, the agriculture commissioner and Democratic nominee will challenge the governor. Ron DeSantis re-election has again come under fire for his past relationship with far-right Republican Panhandle, a staunch defender of the president donald trump who is being investigated for violating federal sex trafficking laws.

The link has been reported for more than a yearbut with a week to go in a crunch primary against the U.S. Representative and the former governor. charlie christCrist questions his associates after Fried hammers Crist for his history as a Republican.

During a campaign stop on the first day of her bus tour, Fried was asked if she was still friends with Gaetz. She said no.

“I’m speechless because he’s headed in a dangerous direction for our country,” Fried told reporters. “The things he spits – attacking women on abortion issues, supporting and insurgent – he’s not the person I knew when he was here in the Legislative Assembly, and I’m disappointed that he has become a character, and unfortunately, he is very dangerous.”

This isn’t the first time Fried has answered for his association with Gaetz, who worked together on medical marijuana legislation during Gaetz’s time in the Legislative Assembly and when Fried was a cannabis lobbyist. During a campaign stop in northeast Florida last month, Fried called criticism of their fraternity “chauvinistic” critics mired in sexist preconceptions.

From reports that the two “hung out” at the Trump Hotel in Washington to tales of them being friends when Fried lobbied Tallahassee politicians over medical cannabis, an issue Gaetz took the lead on, the account suggests a lasting political friendship of some significance.

Their bond is so close, Business Insider noted at the time, that Fried was the first to text Gaetz asking if he was okay following the Capitol attacks by thugs. donald trump supporters in January.

Fried attempted to characterize this as a general concern for the congressional delegation, but aside from Gaetz, few told reporters they had heard of Fried.

During democracy gubernatorial debate last month, Crist reviewed Fried’s 2017 donation to the Republican Ashley Moody, who is now elected to the Florida cabinet alongside Fried as attorney general. As attorney general, Moody defended DeSantis’ executive orders and bill signings in court, including the state’s 15-week abortion ban.

Incidentally during his campaign speech, Fried made sure to note that Florida also needs a new attorney general.


AG Gancarski of Florida Politics contributed to this report.

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