New type of political organization joins Parker’s council election


A type of political organization that had never been seen in Parker’s municipal election has started sending letters to support two candidates in the April 20 special election.

The two organizations, both registered by a Denver-based communications company, are separate from any nominee committee and have not coordinated with applicants, according to senders, the company and applicants.

“I have no idea who they are (or) where they are from,” said Joshua Rivero, one of the candidates supported by the group. “They must agree with my message.”

A group of residents and non-residents have reached out to Hansen Communications for help in publicizing the candidates Rivero and Anne Barrington, said Lynea Hansen, CEO and president of the company.

“I think it’s an alignment of their vision for Parker’s future,” Hansen said of why the group contacted her about the candidates.

Reports listing contributors to these two political organizations will be made public after being submitted by the groups to the city clerk on April 16.

City clerk Carol Baumgartner, who has held the post since 1981, said it was the first time she had seen this type of organization register for a municipal election. The groups, called “Friends of Anne Barrington” and “Friends of Joshua Rivero,” are both registered as 527 political organizations, according to their registration documents.

Barrington and Rivero both said they were not aware of the organizations until they received or were shown the senders.

“I was equally surprised when I received it in my mailbox,” Barrington said.

Rivero, who previously served on city council from 2012 to 2020, said he was saddened to see “such important politics” entering Parker’s city council election.

“This is not what we were doing. When I ran in 2012 I put up eight signs, stood on Mainstreet during farmers’ markets, shook hands and talked to people, ”he said. “It’s not like that anymore. Now it’s digital and it’s signage and it’s supporting the holidays and the cash flow.

Hansen, the registered agent for political organizations, is the former vice president of the national public affairs company Strategies360. She has also been involved in several initiatives and campaigns in Colorado, including the National Popular Vote, the policy requirements for carbon monoxide detectors in homes, the initiative to help undocumented students obtain tuition fees. in the state and campaign of Mayor John Hickenlooper, according to Hansen and his biography. on the Stratégies360 website. She has also worked with Microsoft and the Higher Education Access Alliance.

Social media posts linked Hansen to the candidates, wondering if broader political goals are now at stake in the election. Barrington is a registered Republican and Rivero is not affiliated with any party.

Barrington responded by noting that it was a non-partisan election.

“I think people will run this however they want in order to support their cause,” Barrington said. “I have no intention of changing party affiliation.”

Hansen said she did not see his involvement as an indication that more important politics are playing out in Parker.

“This is really a race for city council and some people who like what some candidates have to say… and want voters to know what their positions are,” she said.

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