New Santa Ana | The Santa Ana Police Officers Association voted no confidence in Chief Valentin


According to one of our pajaritos, the Association of Police Officers of Santa Ana today voted against 187 – No confidence.

As Valentin testified in a letter to his police officer today, the war against him is being waged by Jerry Serrano, the head of SAPOA. He’s done Valentine’s Day and beef, but the real problem is that Serrano wants to boost his retirement pension with the means he needs.

Valentin recently took Serrano on paid leave.

Today’s vote does not make sense because Serrano no longer owns the Mayor of Santa Ana or the City Council of Santa Ana. His political tactics have backfired on him in recent years, and he is supposed to blame them in part. He targeted two of the more conservative city council members, Cela Iglesias and Juan Villegas, recalling one and beating the other. However, they were replaced by young liberals Jesse Lopez and Jonathan Ryan Hernandez. Neither is a fan of Serrano or the police.

Serrano also bet on the poor mayoral candidate as former mayor Miguel Pride resigned. The current mayor, Vince Sarmiento, is not a fan of Serrano either.

The FBI is investigating SAPOA’s Shenanigan, sources said.

This is a video about Chef Valentin, a classy actor who grew up here in Santa Anna.

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