Ndaragwa MP calls on Jubilee Party rebels to reconsider their political stance

Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni called on the Jubilee Party rebels to reconsider their political position and return to the ruling party, now under the Azimio La Umoja movement for a united country.

Speaking in Nakuru East and Bahati constituencies during the reactivation of Jubilee Party activities in those areas, Kioni said the party held no prisoners and sought to work with all leaders who had the best interests at heart. from the country.

The lawmaker who has led a series of public engagements on the Jubilee Party observed that it is unfortunate that a cross section of the country’s political leadership elected from the Jubilee Party is crisscrossing the country slandering the party and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The legislator told more than 1,500 forum participants that the party had achieved stunning success in the quest for cohesive socio-economic development of the country and that voters should only trust and choose leaders who still believe and share the values ​​of the Jubilee party.

Kioni said that over the next 18 weeks he will lead Jubilee Party outreach campaigns in 28 counties with a view to persuading renegades to return to the party whose government he says has been instrumental in promoting peace among Kenyans.

He added that the Jubilee administration under the leadership of President Kenyatta has been keen to improve the quality of life of the citizens through projects modeled on the four development agendas of universal healthcare, affordable housing, food security and nutritional and manufacturing.

The MP said that apart from mobilizing the participants to popularize the beleaguered Jubilee Party, the campaign aims to make the participants advocates for peace in the campaigns and the upcoming August 9 general election.

Lawmaker says Azimio La Umoja, under former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, aims to strengthen the new era of national accountability, which will be an important step in refocusing a low-income country’s Vision 2030 plan cohesive and prosperous intermediary.

He further indicated that there are many untapped opportunities in the country.

“This country is endowed with enormous resources with a suitable climate for new possibilities. These opportunities can only be exploited when our politics and our economy work in harmony.

“That’s what the Azimio La Umoja movement brings to the table,” he pointed out.

Local politician and businessman Ben Gathogo has blasted Kenya Kwanza’s call for minimal borrowing by the Treasury, saying the country is aiming for a middle-status economy that can only be achieved through strong borrowing and investment in investment projects.

Gathongo praised President Kenyatta for his development track record and challenged patriotic leaders to support Raila Odinga’s Azimio La Umoja who he said seeks to follow Kenyatta’s legacy.

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