Naming issues reveal political party leanings

The article (September 29) in the editorial section of the Bucks County Herald by the League of Women Voters titled “The Three Classes of Eligible Voters: Avs, SVs and NVs” is an attempt to bring all registered voters to the polls.

This is an important message that should be direct and unbiased, especially since the description under the LWV logo states that “The League of Women Voters of Bucks County is a non-partisan organization dedicated to education and to the services of voters”.

The key word here is non-partisan. But in these times of extreme partisanship, the author of this editorial, knowingly or unknowingly, could not restrain his partisanship. She writes that “we are dealing with very serious issues, including the economy, climate change, abortion, guns, etc.” Other than the economy, it’s straight out of the Democratic playbook.

The message could just as well have described serious issues like the economy, energy, immigration and public safety if the author had had different political leanings. The point is, you either have to agree to be non-partisan and reflect that in your message, or change the language of your mission statement.

Curt Biehn, Lumberville

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