Nagaland political party raises issue of ‘making Hindi compulsory’

Rising People’s Party (RPP), a political party based in Nagaland, has requested clarification from the Nagaland government on the issue of “making Hindi compulsory”.

“The statement by Union Home Minister Amit Shah that the 8 North Eastern states have agreed to make Hindi compulsory up to grade 10 is a very serious matter that the Alliance coalition United Democratic Party (UDA) to the (Nagaland government) needs to clarify,” RPP asked on April 9.

The RPP has stated that it stands for unity in diversity and any attempt to impose Hindi in the state/country is gross chauvinism and majoritarianism at stake, and the RPP has asserted that it s will oppose such policies tooth and nail.

The RPP also said that state education policy is the prerogative of state governments and that any central government dictate on the matter is contrary to the federal structure of the country and therefore unacceptable.

The RPP then said: ‘However, there is a lingering suspicion that our State politicians may have given their personal assurances to the Union Home Secretary. Amit Shah is going to do Hindi compulsory up to class 10 after which he must have made the declaration.

The Nagaland-based party also said the personal nod given by “our state politicians cannot be ruled out because two years ago the state government banned the sale of dog meat on the “advisory note” from a central leader sitting in Delhi with no respect for our Naga feelings or our culture”.

He went on to say that the proverbial “sell your mother attitude” of state politicians eager to please Delhi is not only utterly disgusting but also shameless.

According to the RPP, unlike South India where politicians fiercely guard their regional and linguistic identity, with Nagaland being ruled by “cowardly rulers and late-ranking sycophants, it is entirely possible that the Minister of Inside Union, Amit Shah, has effectively snatched the green light from our politicians to go ahead with his controversial statement”.

Therefore, the RPP demanded that the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, BJP State Chairman and Advisor for the School Education Department give clarification “immediately”.

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