MP Tripura BJP shaves his head for association with a “community party”


Calcutta: Tripura BJP MP Ashish Das described Mamata Banerjee as the “true leader of Maa Mati Manush” (mother, land and people) of West Bengal here on Tuesday. After praising Mamata Banerjee, the BJP MP shaved his head in the famous Kalighat temple here as an atonement for being associated with “a community holiday”. In the process, Das sparked speculation about his next political move.

Das also said that if Banerjee, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo, becomes prime minister in the future, it would be a matter of pride for every Bengali.

Das is an MP representing Surma (SC) headquarters in Dhalai district in Tripura. He claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi won the hearts of Indians in the 2014 Lok Sabha election with his inclusive growth model. However, Modi “hesitated on his promises” afterwards.

Das said he would start a “new political round” but did not say if he would leave the BJP. The lawmaker said he had “personal work” in Kalighat, the area where Banerjee’s residence is located.

The TMC is eyeing Tripura after its landslide victory in the West Bengal Assembly polls held earlier this year. He launched an awareness campaign in the northeastern state to oust the BJP government led by Biplab Kumar Deb. Elections to the Tripura Assembly take place in 2023.

“Mamata Banerjee turned out to be the real leader of Maa Mati Manush. His landslide victory in the recent Bhabanipur poll was another justification for his immense popularity among the people of Bengal,” Das told reporters after shaving himself. the hair.

‘Maa Mati Manush’ is a favorite TMC slogan. Banerjee won the Bhabanipur ballot with a record margin of 58,835 votes. She needed to win the election to retain the presidency of the chief minister.

Das said voters in Bhabanipur have shown that they want Mamata Banerjee to rule the country one day. “The victory paved the way for him to become the face of the opposition parties in the coming days,” said Das.

The Member for Tripura said that despite its glorious role in the struggle for freedom, Bengal has not achieved the recognition it deserves in the political arena for all these years.

“If Mamata Didi becomes Prime Minister, it will be justice for the Bengalis and right the wrong of decades. It will be a matter of pride for all Bengalis. After Indira Gandhi also, a woman will exercise power in the country, ”he said.

Das shaved his head at the famous Kali Temple in Kalighat in a ritual conducted by priests. “It’s my way of asking for forgiveness for being associated with a community party like the BJP. After shaving my head, there will be a new start to my political sleeves, ”he said.

Das also criticized Prime Minister Modi for selling government stakes in PSUs and the unprecedented rise in fuel prices.

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