Kenya: Launch of a new political party targeting young people in Nakuru


Ahead of the 2022 general election, a new party was launched in the city of Nakuru.

Kenya’s United Movement for Super Action (Musa) party has said it will advocate for economic and social intervention to promote social justice for all Kenyans.

“We aspire to provide leadership and management of public affairs at the national and county level by nominating candidates for various positions in the 2022 elections,” said Musa General Secretary Victor Ngatia.

Mr Ngatia said the party would consider candidates wishing to use it to run for various positions.

“We are a party founded on the principle of fighting corruption and anyone found guilty of corruption will never be a member of Musa,” Ngatia said.

party slogan

The official said the party’s slogan is “Raslimali na Kazi” (resources and jobs) while registration to become a regular member is free.

“We are a whole new generation with new ideas. We are not part of the old leadership regime.”

He urged Kenyans to register for voters and named young people as the backbone of the party.

“For the young people of this country, we are the majority suffering from massive poverty, nepotism, tribalism and unemployment. Let us unite and free this country from bad leadership,” Ngatia said.

Party officials said the registration campaign would run from the grassroots.

Other party officials include Solomon Odoyo (chairman), Josphat Njenga (deputy chairman), Geoffrey Pushati (deputy general secretary), Asumpta Wangui (treasurer) and David Wanyoike (deputy treasurer).

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