In the Bulgarian Parliament: only one political party condemned Bucha’s atrocities –

The political party “Democratic Bulgariawas the only parliamentary group to condemn atrocities committed by Russian troops at Bucha. This happened with a statement on the first day of the week’s plenary, read from the parliamentary rostrum by MP Antoaneta Tsoneva.

Here is the full text of the statement:

“Evidence of the atrocities committed by the Russian army in Bucha and other Ukrainian cities has multiplied in recent days. World public opinion is shocked by the images of dead civilians in the streets, the discovery of mass graves, reports of the rape and torture of innocent people, the massive looting of Russian military. It is becoming increasingly clear that Putin’s regime is committing war crimes on the scale of genocide.

‘Democratic Bulgaria‘ strongly condemns the massacre of civilians by Russia and insists that Bulgaria associate more vigorously with the resistance of the civilized world Russian aggression in Ukraine.

We insist:

Bulgaria support the investigation of war crimes Russian the army, which are already organized not only by the Ukrainian authorities but also by the UN, the European Union and other international organizations providing forensic expertise;

As a member of the European Union, our country should support new, tougher European sanctions against Russia;

recalling that in response to the atrocities of Bucha and elsewhere, partner countries such as Germany and France deported a total of 75 Russian diplomats and Lithuania and the Russian Ambassador, we insist on declaring the Russian Ambassador to Bulgaria Mitrofanova as a persona non grata, whose behavior has recently been systematically contrary to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and undermines the dignity of Bulgaria.

Bulgaria start providing Ukraine arms and ammunition to enable it to defend itself against Russian aggression and accompanying war crimes;

Freedom, dignity and life must be defended and preserved.

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