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Latinos for Trump Event with Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence at Nacion de Fe. President’s 2020 Campaign Rally.

Americans vote individually, not as a group – but sometimes trends emerge that deserve attention. Hispanic voters are moving like eagles on an updraft — toward the Republican Party. This terrifies Democrats, as it should. Hispanic Americans are helping to create the “Red Wave” of 2022.

It seems Hispanic Americans no longer want to be taken for granted. They do not constitute an electoral bloc, are not interchangeable and are not culturally homogeneous. That being said, they share cultural affinities – like those drawn from the former British Empire. They share language, family focus, hard work and faith.

These culturally significant factors are constraining, along with millions of stories that begin with a “dream” and end with citizenship and gratitude. Republicans see and honor that, while Democrats are increasingly deaf.

The dial turns. Hispanic Americans, long seen as political addicts to charity, labor and Democratic largesse – objectively seen as a Democratic voting bloc – are simply saying, “no, it’s over.”

A recent sign is the Republican victory of Hispanic candidate Mayra Flores in a special election for Texas’ 34e congressional constituency. She won in what Democrats imagined would be “their seat,” right again. This run is not an anomaly but part of a trend.

The trend dates back to 2016, accelerated in 2020, and is still accelerating. Donald Trump spoke directly to those of Hispanic descent – ​​and he honored them. It was not addressed to illegal immigrants but to citizens.

His message was clear – if you believe in the power of faith, family, freedom and the future, if you yearn to prosper, to be secure, to open doors to those who follow you and are proud hard-working citizens, then you’re a Republican.

This message has been heard. Like Reagan’s message that realigned “blue-collar Democrats” behind Republicans in 1980 and 1984, Trump turned the dial. Republicans provide opportunities for Hispanic Americans, employment, job quality, wages, and broad indices of prosperity. Trump also championed national and border security, intergenerational endeavor and what Hispanic Americans came for — more opportunity and citizenship.

But there is more to this realignment. Yes, Republicans honor those who risk their lives for freedom (e.g. fleeing Communist Cuba), work hard, have a moral compass, and believe in the American Dream.

But the GOP has become the leading defender of constitutional rights – dear to the Hispanic community – including the defense of the family, freedom of speech, the “free exercise of religion”, the sanctity of life, the centrality faith.

It’s not nothing. Like others, Hispanic Americans see prosperity, freedom, security, and the moral compass at risk. They see Democrats pushing leftism into schools, communities, laws, even seeking to delegitimize the Supreme Court.

Democrats are underestimating the damage they are doing to their brand — and to America — by pushing these radical ideas on Americans.

Many Hispanic Americans come from families that fled what the Democrats are pushing now, socialism, communism, Marxism, anarchy, the suppression of individual freedoms – they don’t want that.

A real trend is emerging. As the Democrats move to the left, abandoning their past and their common constitutional foundations, they are losing those who believe more in the Constitution than in the party.

The numbers – from 2016 to 2022 – are telling, but the new numbers are more telling. As the midterms approach, voting trends suggest a “red wave” — aided by Hispanic districts.

The examples are illuminating. Florida-07 — who is 22% Hispanic — elected Democrats in 2016, 2018 and 2020. But all that is changing. Cook Political Report predicts that it will tip over. If so, Hispanic Americans will turn that dial — the same prediction for longtime Democrat Florida-13.

Texas-15 is instructive. In the last three elections, the Democrat, with margins of 57, 59 and 51%, is now Republican, with 82% Hispanic. Or Texas-28, bottom three Democrats, now a toss, 79% Hispanic. Or Nevada-01, Democrats won the bottom three, now a draw, 44% Hispanic.

Overview, the red wave is already there and only rising in height. Evidence of a national Hispanic-American realignment is well underway. So look at Florida-26, which in 2016 elected a Republican to Congress with 55%, again in 2020 – 67% Hispanic. Or Florida-27, same trend with a Republican now – 69% Hispanic.

Or look at Texas-21, solidly red as of 2016, 30% Hispanic. Look at Texas-27, again solid red all the way, 52% Hispanic. Likewise, California-21 — with a 73% Hispanic population — elected a Republican to Congress in 2016, again in 2020.

Then look at the shrinking blue support in places like Texas-16, Mr. Beto’s deep blue neighborhood, which is 81% Hispanic. Democratic support fell 20 points between 2016 and 2020.

Net-net is simple and convincing. Hispanic Americans from just about every background, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru or anywhere else, are turning into Republicans, realigning. Realignments can be slow or start slow and accelerate, creating major changes in a short time and in the process fracturing, fragmenting, changing parts forever.

Undeniable Truth: On issues of faith, family, sanctity of life, opportunity, returns on hard work, importance of citizenship, self-reliance and freedom – Hispanic Americans reevaluate how they are treated by Democrats and Republicans, moving to the GOP.

Hispanic American citizens are worried about the future, like so many others. Many are disgusted by what they see happening to churches, schools, the economy, abroad, home, defunding the police, blind eyed overdoses, open borders, wasted time and diminished respect.

Proud of who they are and where they come from, they are individuals and families with a compass – not leftists, not interested in addiction. This is why many are realigning with the GOP.

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