Here are the main slogans of Quebec’s political parties for the 2022 election

Ahead of the October 3 election, political parties across Quebec are describing their campaign aesthetics — the bright colors, glittering graphics and often-generous filters they’ll use to lure voters like crows drawn to trash brilliant.

In a province where four major parties and a handful of smaller organizations are vying for attention, perhaps no campaign element has higher stakes than the slogan. Done well, a concise slogan can encapsulate an entire platform and draw easy campaign cheers. Done wrong, a political party will quickly find itself the target of online jokes and brutal memes.

As of this writing, four* parties have unveiled their slogans for the 2022 elections. They are below. We will continue to update this article as new parties release slogans.

Liberals: Vote True

The Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) unveiled its slogan, “Vote Vrai”, on August 13. It also came with an official English version with a slightly different meaning: “Vote for the real thing”.

“There’s only one way to get real solutions to the real problems that Quebecers are going through and that’s by ‘Vote for real!’ the party said in a Release.

Québec solidaire: Changing eras

QS released their little tagline on August 19. “Changer d’ère”, change of era, also sounds like “change of air”, change of scenery.

“Changing eras means we need new people in power, with new ideas,” party spokesman Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois wrote on Twitter. “That’s what Québec solidaire proposes: to face the great challenges of our time with ambition and courage.

CAQ: Let’s continue

The CAQ in power wants to stay in power. So naturally his message to voters is “let’s keep going” – let’s keep going or keep going.

“Over the past 4 years, your government has undertaken many changes, despite the pandemic,” Prime Minister François Legault wrote on social media on August 19. “But we still have work to do. We have to maintain the momentum.

Preservatives: Free with us

The upstart Conservative Party is not yet a big party, but made some breakthroughs with voters. His slogan, unveiled on August 14, is “Libre chez nous”, free at home. Like the Liberals’ slogan, it also comes with an English version: Freedom to choose.

“The October 3 election will be historic,” party leader Eric Duhaime said in a statement. “It will turn the page on more than sixty years of constitutional wrangling and the emergence of a new divide between individual liberties and government that permeates every sphere of citizens’ lives.”

“We now have a core party that wants above all to give you more freedom.”

*This article has been updated.

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