Game Fair 2022 over

BASC’s relationship with Game Fair continues to grow and it’s fantastic for our members to enjoy the benefits of this association through complimentary access to the show for all three days, as well as discounted guest entry. .

As the show approached, we knew that 30,000 members had pre-registered to attend. Although we haven’t received the final numbers yet, these are expected to increase from last year, highlighting another benefit of BASC membership.

This year, the gaming show saw a record number of visitors enjoying the BASC BSA airgun ranges, with over 650 one-on-one sessions. The BASC line of shotguns hosted 430 lessons, with the majority of days fully booked.

At BASC gundog scurry, over 1,000 dogs were put through their paces in all competitions over the three days.

The BASC Wild Food Kitchen welcomed thousands of visitors who received cooking tips and recipe ideas from celebrity chefs Amanda Owens, JB Gill, and legendary chefs such as Rachel Green.

Across all areas of BASC at Game Fair, we thank from the bottom of our hearts all the BASC volunteers who make this monumental operation possible.

Highlights of the weekend

Game Fair Friday was quite special this year as we hosted Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal to present the inaugural BASC Prince Philip Distinguished Service Award.

Honors followed on day two, with more BASC honors and awards presented to members of the shooting community who have worked tirelessly with and alongside BASC to promote and protect shooting.

Our tireless political team recorded the highest political turnout ever at Game Fair, welcoming 30 MPs from all parties to Game Fair. Political visitors included Defra Minister Victoria Prentis and shadow Defra Minister Daniel Zeichner.

As always, the show goes on, with many BASC shotgun trainers traveling to Lincolnshire for the five-day Poacher Jamboree where BASC will be working with 6,000 youngsters this week.

We also have other local and regional fairs to look forward to before the end of the year with the upcoming Weston Park Country Fair, Welsh Game Fair and Moy Game Fair events to name a few. We look forward to welcoming members to every event.

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