Fremont Banker Appointed to American Banker’s Association Government Relations Board | Investment


Nick Vrba, Executive Vice President, First State Bank & Trust Company, has been appointed Nebraska representative on the American Bankers Association (ABA) Government Relations Board.

Board members are appointed by the president of the ABA and there is usually a representative from each state. Each serves a one-year term with the option of being appointed for an additional term.

The Government Relations Council (GRC) is the executive committee with exclusive responsibility for recommending annual policy priorities to the ABA Board of Directors. The Board provides ongoing political direction to the leadership of the ABA as policy issues arise throughout the year. Its diverse membership reflects the industry as a whole, representing banks across the country of varying asset size, charter type and corporate structure, making it an essential committee to represent both specific interests. segments of industry and industry in general. RCMP members also participate in ABA’s political engagement programs.

Vrba and other members of the RCMP are the main advocates of ABA’s policy positions with members of the legislature and executive branch and related agencies, the local media and other bankers.

“It is a great honor to serve on this important board,” said Vrba. “I look forward to participating and helping advance the vital role our country’s banks play both in their communities and in the economy at large. “

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