Former Thai trade minister founds new political party

Former Commerce Minister Mingkwan Saengsuwan announced the formation of his own party today (Wednesday), with plans to run in the next general election.

Named “Okart Thai” (Thai Opportunity), Mingkwan explained that he chose this name because of his belief that all Thai people should have opportunities.

Having made a shocking move by announcing his resignation as an MP amid the general debate in February, saying he did not feel satisfied with his legislative role over the past two years, Mingkwan says he is preparing to form his own party for about three years since he left the leadership of the New Economy Party.

Mingkwan admitted that recently he had discussions with members of Thailand’s Economic Party, partially led by controversial politician Thammanat Prompao, which sparked speculation he might join them. He said, however, that he gave the answer today by creating his own party.

He explained that he used green for half of his party’s name to convey the message that the main occupation of the majority of Thais is agriculture, while the pink letters in the party logo suggest modernity. and the fusion of people from different generations.

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