European universities join the “Stick to Science” movement and call for the rapid association of the United Kingdom and Switzerland with Horizon Europe

The European University Association (EUA) has joined the ‘Stick to Science’ campaign, alongside leading scientists, university rectors and national university associations, calling for the UK and Switzerland to be quickly associated with the European program Horizon Europe.

According to the EUA, political negotiations unrelated to participation in the EU program are hampering the process of concluding association agreements, reports

“The current situation is both untenable and unnecessary and a united research community is speaking out against this,” US ratings.

He further stresses that scientists coming from the UK and Switzerland should be allowed to participate in Horizon Europe and maintain the strong link between the two countries and other European countries.

>> The EUA and its 24 partners urge the European Commission to finalize the UK’s association with Horizon Europe

The “Stick to Science” campaign was launched on February 8 at the annual Science Business conference to mobilize the research community across Europe.

This initiative was initiated by the European research community calling for open cooperation between European research and innovation actors sharing the same values.

“It was set up by the European research community in active response to the delay in progressing the Association Agreements with Switzerland and the United Kingdom. At the time of its launch, the initiative was already signed by more than 300 organizations and eminent personalities from the European research and innovation community, including Science Europe”, Science Europe, which represents major public bodies that fund or carry out research in Europe, has pointed this out.

The signatories called on the EU, the United Kingdom and Switzerland to reach agreements as soon as possible so that the two countries can contribute financially and scientifically to the strengthening of the Horizon Europe program as well as to the creation of a European Space. open and inclusive research.

Last month, Swiss universities and companies issued a joint resolution calling for Switzerland’s full association with Horizon Europe by the end of this year. The co-signers said researchers in Switzerland risked leaving the country for other places in the world where they could receive EU funding.

For more than a year now, the European research and innovation community has been calling for the full association of the UK and Switzerland with Horizon Europe. Horizon Europe is the EU’s main funding program for research and innovation, with a total budget of €95.5 billion.

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