ESPN Can’t Deny It’s A Political Organization After Allowing Mina Kimes To Promote The Democratic Candidate – OutKick

When ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro said in 2018 that ESPN was “not a political organization,he had to say except for Mina Kimes and the network’s other privileged revivals.

On Sunday, Kimes uploaded a photo to his Instagram story that encouraged sports fans to vote far-left Karen Bass for mayor of Los Angeles. Bass will cut taxes unlike opponent Rick Caruso, Kimes wrote.

Kimes broke the politics without politics to ESPN but the network won’t address the issue, despite multiple requests for comment from OutKick.

Additionally, ESPN knew that Kimes saved this photo for over 22 hours before it expired and was deleted. Yet the network did nothing about it.

In conclusion, ESPN didn’t care that Kimes was using a social channel that ESPN had built for her to endorse a political candidate.

Since 2018, ESPN has also allowed Mark Jones to post left-wing fringe ideas on social media, Jalen Rose at lie about the american policeand Elle Duncan at demonstration Florida Republicans for banning discussion of gender fluidity in third grade and younger classrooms.

You’d think ESPN would be less transparent about its liberal exception to the rule as Sage Steele is suing ESPN and parent company Disney for using selective punishment when it benched her for answering questions about the vaccine. COVID-19 and Barack Obama on a podcast with Jay Cutler last year. Apparently ESPN has no shame.

“ESPN is not a political organization for people like Sage Steele”, wanted to say Jimmy Pitaro.

ESPN holding the revival and Steele to different standards is partly because Disney has normalized the far-left way of thinking. It is also a bit of cowardice.

You see, even though most ESPN bosses lean left, they don’t like it when Mark Jones tells Rush Limbaugh to “rot in hell“or when Bomani Jones says”white people are the problem” or when Kimes supports a candidate openly and aggressively. However, ESPN is too scared to talk about it, publicly or directly to talent.

Think about it, if ESPN told Kimes to take down her IG photo with Bass, Kimes or her allies in the press — and there are many of them — could accuse ESPN of not allowing a woman of color to support a woman of color showing up. in the elections. It’s almost certainly internal thinking. The mere thought of that possibility dissuades ESPN from holding Kimes accountable.

On the other hand, ESPN did not have to worry about the New York Times the guys expend any negative energy on the network to bench Steele. TheTime approved.

ESPN is sending a message that his talent could support candidates this year. Just be sure to check with Kimes which candidates are suitable and not with ESPN, a political organization.

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