Election officials email more pro-independence LegCo candidates asking for their political stance



Returning officers for the Legislative Council election emailed more candidates who have supported Hong Kong independence in the past to ask if they still support the cause after submitting the nomination form for their candidacy.

The application form contains a declaration that they will abide by the Basic Law and pledge allegiance to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Localist candidates Alvin Cheng Kam-mun of Civic Passion and Chan Ho-tin of the Hong Kong National Party both received similar emails on Monday and had about 24 hours to respond. The two said they would seek legal advice before answering questions.

Chan Ho-tin (left) and Alvin Cheng (right). To file

But Chan’s party said LegCo candidates have no legal obligation to respond regarding their political positions.

“The returning officer has no authority to deprive candidates of the right to be elected on the basis of their political ideals,” he said.

The emails arrived after the first was sent to Edward Leung Tin-kei, a native of Hong Kong. Leung asked for an extension of the deadline – initially on Saturday morning – to Wednesday morning. The request was approved Monday by the returning officer for the constituency of New Territories East.

Cheng signed the new confirmation form issued by the Election Affairs Commission confirming that he will comply with three specific articles of the Basic Law stating that Hong Kong is part of China. Chan and Leung did not sign the form.

Pan Democrats holding signs saying they refuse to sign. Photo: Facebook / Dennis Kwok.

Some of the pandemocratic candidates, who all refused to sign the new form, received different types of “confirmation” of their candidacy.

Lam Cheuk-ting, Democratic Party candidate in the Eastern New Territories, said he received an email from the election regulator asking him to retrieve voter address labels for use in campaigns postal mail, but it was not clear whether his candidacy had been confirmed. .

“I don’t understand the registration and election office – they didn’t tell me my candidacy was confirmed, but they asked me to take the voter information – so can I use the material to contact my constituents? ” he said.

Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung of the Labor Party, who is running in Lam constituency, also received a similar notice.

James To Kun-sun, the party’s candidate for the functional constituency of the “super seat” of the district council, said he received confirmation of his candidacy on Monday evening.

Sumly Chan Yuen-sum of the Civic Party, also a candidate in To constituency, also received confirmation.


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