Donald Trump’s political organization creates a war chest worth a total of $ 100 million


Donald trump

The political organization of former US President Donald Trump has a total of $ 102 million in cash as of July. According to the numbers, this is a huge war chest for Donald Trump at this point in the electoral cycle. Trump’s fundraising is in addition to his sustained ability to generate more money from donors online. With that, he also claims electoral fraud in last year’s presidential elections.

Donald Trump is the dominant fundraising figure inside the GOP!

In the first half of this year, a total of 3.2 million contributions went to Trump’s political committees. This is what Trump’s office claims. In his statement, the former US president complained that last year’s election was stolen. He cited the huge donations as a signal that the American people share their outrage and urge them to keep fighting for justice. Donald Trump’s fundraising apparatus consists of 2 political committees: a steering political committee and a Save America political committee. Along with that, it also has a separate joint committee and PAC designed to make America great again! Most of Trump’s cash reserves come from his Save America PAC.

According to new documents, as of June 30, the Save America PAC has a total of $ 90 million in cash. He can bring a significant amount of money to the Republican Party as the party seeks to take control of the Senate and House in the midterm elections, which are slated to take place next year. Donald Trump has also hinted that he will run for the job in 2024. If we stick to the new numbers, then Donald Trump remains the dominant fundraising politician in the GOP.

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