Donald Trump says NBA has become a “political organization”, adds jab over declining ratings



President Donald Trump has called the NBA a “political organization” amid the league’s latest protests against racial injustice.

The league postponed three playoff games on Wednesday and three more on Thursday as players protested in the wake of the police shootout against Jacob Blake in Wisconsin.

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Asked about his reaction to the protest, Trump began by saying that the league’s ratings had dropped dramatically.

“I don’t know about the NBA protest. I know their grades were really bad because I think people are frankly tired of the NBA,” he told reporters before accepting the nomination. of the Republican Party in this year’s presidential election. “But I don’t know too much about the event, but I know their grades were very bad and it’s unfortunate.

“They have become a political organization and that is not a good thing for the sport or the country.”

Sports Media Watch reported that the odds for Saturday’s ABC game between the Lakers and the Trail Blazers fell 23% in the network’s first playoff game last year between the Clippers and the Warriors, and that the number total viewers was down 21%. It was ABC’s least-watched playoff game in five years, “with the caveat that this year marked the first time since 2004 that it did not broadcast a game on opening day of the playoffs.” noted SMW.

SMW also reported that Sunday’s Clippers-Mavericks game on ABC was down 45% in audience ratings and 47% in ratings compared to Clippers-Warriors last year. LA-Dallas also failed to beat the Indianapolis 500 on NBC.

The NBA playoffs are expected to resume Friday or Saturday in the Orlando bubble.


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